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Case Studies

Smiling Again:

The young woman in this case was talked into a "total dental makeover," by her dentist. The "makeover" involved the dentist grinding all of our client's teeth and causing her severe jaw injury. The cost of fixing the dentist's mistakes would be no less than $250,000. We were able to reach a settlement that significantly exceeded those costs and compensated her for the nature of the injuries she suffered.

Back on the Road:

The couple in this case were provided with a loaner vehicle when their own was in for repair. Subsequently, they were in a serious single-car accident that involved a "roll-over." The dealership who loaned them the vehicle claimed that they were driving negligently, but we were able to prove that the loaner car had a defective front tire which blew out on the highway and caused the accident. This resulted in a very large confidential settlement.

Room to Heal:

The client in this case developed an infection following a root canal. The dentist allowed the infection to go untreated and as a result, our client developed chronic fatigue syndrome. When our client came to us, the case had already been rejected by other firms because the medical issues were too "complicated." With a ground-breaking expert witness testimony, we were able to achieve an incredible result and gain a confidential settlement that preempted going to trial.

Appropriate Compensation:

Our client in this case was working as a foreman for an oil company and driving a company vehicle when he was hit, head-on, by an uninsured driver. The insurance company, Fleet, took the position that our client's only recourse was worker's compensation. We pursued a lawsuit that resulted in a $650,000 award to our client, for pain, suffering and other losses not covered by worker's compensation.

Out of the Pit of Despair:

The young couple in this case shared ownership of a new truck that was also used for their seasonal business. Unfortunately, the truck was stolen and later found burned in a gravel pit. The couple's insurer, Progressive, asserted arson and denied them their claim. We were able to help our clients sue the insurer for a breach of agreement and bad faith. This resulted in a substantial, confidential, pre-trial settlement.